Waterfront Concept Master Planning

What, how, where... These are all good questions to answer in the planning for any
waterfront development. We can assist with the layouts and types of facilities availible to make the best use of this valuable real estate. Our group are experts in marinea and hardstand interfaces inclduing floating or fixed marina, hardstands, slipways or ramps.

Our team can provide you  with a variety of layouts and options explaing the impacts on Town planning and costs each will occur.
A waterfront Master Plan is the best way to ensure that your long term vision for your waterfront is acheived.

Town Planning & Approvals

Town Planning and regulatory approvals is a complex timing consuming process. Our team can assist with all types of planning including; 
         * Lanowners Consent Approval - Crown Lands / Roads and Maritime Services
         * Development Approvals - Local Councils / Roads and Maritime Services
         * Construction Certificates
         * Private Certifying Authority
         * Occupational Certificates

Construction & Project Management

Construction and Project Management of the final approved design can be completed using qualified and skilled tradesmen. Our servcies include; 

         * Construction of Jetties, Ramps, Pontoons and Piling.
         * Project Management of process to ensure efficent construction times.
         * Supply of ancillary equipment.
         * All completed using approriate Australian Standards.
         * Professional Indemity and Public Liability Insurance coverage.